Getting Started


Make sure you have the following already installed on your system:


From the official VuePress Docs:

"It is currently recommended to use Yarn instead of npm when installing VuePress into an existing project that has webpack 3.x as a dependency. Npm fails to generate the correct dependency tree in this case."


# Clone the repository
git clone
cd vuepress-personal

# Install dependencies

# Run
yarn docs:dev

Check out the site on your local dev server, should look something like: http://localhost:8080/.

To generate static assets:

yarn docs:build

The default static assets will be in .vuepress/dist directory, which can be deployed to any static file server.

You can configure where you want to generate the static files via the dest field in .vuepress/config. Check out VuePress Config Reference for more info.

Last Updated: 10/7/2018, 8:22:45 PM