Arguably, the most important file here is the config file, .vuepress/config.js, which simply exports a JavaScript object.

The config file handles all the site-wide configurations, which include but are not limited to: service workers, navbar features, internationalization, markdown, plugins, etc.

A lot of these configuration options deal with features that come packaged with VuePress's default theme, which is what this site uses.

The contents of this site's .vuepress/config.js is shown below.

For more on how to configure the default theme, please check out VuePress Default Theme Config Docs.

For the complete API, please check out VuePress Config Reference Docs.

module.exports = {
  title: 'Cute Doggo',
  description: 'im good boi',
  // Customizing the default theme
  themeConfig: {
    // configure the navbar items
    nav: [
      { text: 'Home', link: '/' },
      { text: 'Projects', link: '/projects/' },
      { text: 'Documentation', link: '/documentation/introduction' }
    // configure the sidebars for the site
    sidebar: {
      // we only want sidebars for the documentation page
      // notice how the children correspond to each markdown file the in dir
      '/documentation/': [{
        title: 'Documentation',
        collapsable: false,
        children: [
          'introduction',       /* /documentation/introduction.html */
          'getting-started',    /* /documentation/getting-started.html */
          'project-structure',  /* /documentation/project-structure.html */
          'configuration',      /* /documentation/configuration.html */
          'home',               /* /documentation/home.html */
          'projects',           /* /documentation/projects.html */
          'documentation',      /* /documentation/documentation.html */
          'deploying'           /* /documentation/deploying.html */
    // Below two properties sets the Github link in the navbar
    // Assumes GitHub. Can also be a full GitLab url.
    repo: 'strychemi/vuepress-personal',
    // Defaults to "GitHub"/"GitLab"/"Bitbucket" depending on `themeConfig.repo`
    repoLabel: 'GitHub',

    // displays the UNIX timestamp(ms) of each file's last git commit at bottom 
    // of each page in an appropriate format
    // NOTE: only works if this is  git repo and there is at least 1 commit
    lastUpdated: 'Last Updated', // string | boolean

    serviceWorker: {
      // If set to true, the default text config will be: 
      // updatePopup: { 
      //    message: "New content is available.", 
      //    buttonText: "Refresh" 
      // }
      updatePopup: true // Boolean | Object, default to undefined.

    // disable the default search bar in nav menu
    search: false

  markdown: {
    // disable automatic header anchor links being generated for headers
    anchor: { permalink: false }
Last Updated: 10/7/2018, 8:22:45 PM