VuePress is a static site generator powered by Vue + markdown + webpack. It's focus on minimal setup, and markdown-centric architecture for generating docs has caught my attention so I decided to try it out.

This is a VuePress template I built for my personal website. Check it out on Github.

The purpose of writing this is 3-fold:

  1. I get to practice documentating my work.
  2. I have something to help jog my memory once I forget how I built this.
  3. It may help other developers who may be interested in trying this out.

If this is your first exposure to VuePress, I highly recommend heading over to the official VuePress documentation.

If you find any issues/errors/tips, feel free to open an issue on Github. Any feedback is appreciated.


This template uses the pre-alpha (recommended & production stable) version of VuePress (0.14.4), so the many of the links in the docs will refer to the v0 version of the docs.

Will revisit this once VuePress gets more stable after it goes beta.

If you googled VuePress to get to their docs, you may actually land on the alpha version (1.x) of their docs. As of writing this, they now have a nice green popup that lets you know this.

Last Updated: 10/7/2018, 9:04:29 PM