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In my former life as a chemical engineer, I discovered how coding is an invaluable tool for solving complex, technical problems. That realization birthed a growing passion for building cool and useful things while staying grounded in a technical career. I’m a fast-paced learner constantly striving for personal growth and effective communication. Check out some of my work below!



Reciffy is a platform for creating, sharing, and saving recipes for those who have a passion for food and cooking. It is a full-stack web app consisting of a ruby on rails API endpoint on the back-end with an AngularJS single page app on the front-end.

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A quiz app for Pokemon fans built as part of a team of 5 featuring Ruby on Rails, web scraping, API calls via Mechanize Gem, image handling via Amazon S3, Active Record/SQL queries, delayed jobs, basic search for users by email.

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A social-media platform built using Ruby on Rails with a splash of jQuery and AJAX.

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